About Me

My name is Tyler “TJ” Ptak and I’m a junior studying computer science at Purdue University. I’m also considering getting a concentration in music technology. I’m interested in all intersection between music and computer science especially audio effects and digital signal processing applications. Email: tylerptak@gmail.com

About My Mentor

My mentor is Dr. Kyla McMullen, an associate professor and the director of the SoundPad Lab at the University of Florida. She works in the Human Centered Computing department and is concentrating on applications of sound - specifically 3-D audio. She also does a lot of work on diversity and equity in higher education.

About My Project

I’m working on the Audio RESCUE project : Realistic Audio for RESponders in Complex Undetermined Environments. The study hopes to develop interfaces to assist first responders during critical situations. The first application is an interface to aid firefighters during search and rescue operations.

My Final Report

My Blog

My Blog